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"Hope" was inspired by the bird stamp carved by my friend Lila Rostenberg and printed in indigo. I hand quilted it. Size: 14" x 14"

“Hope” was inspired by the bird stamp carved by my friend Lila Rostenberg and printed in indigo. I hand quilted it. Size: 14″ x 14″

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“In its simplest form a quilt is just some fabric and thread. It’s up to you to decide how to put it together.” This YLI ad appeared in Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine, March 2000. That quote reminds us that there are an unlimited number of ways to combine, shuffle and recombine fabric! My goal with this class is to help you each to consider what inspires your passion for creating with fabric. Through examples, exercises and discussions we will expand possibilities.

For the first class, please bring a project or starting point that excites you and we, as a group will help you move forward expanding the creative possibilities. Machine suggested. Supply list available with registration.


Scrapbook quilts are full of memories and mementoes of our lives. Paula sees herself as an untrained collage artist who brings her sense of humor and sense of wonder at women’s creativity together to create very personal quilts. Her scrapbook quilts include memory quilts in honor of her mother, timespan quilts using vintage feedsacks and vintage blocks. For one of her most striking scrapbook quilts, she cut apart the jacket of her 1980s TWA flight attendant uniform, added photos and quilt blocks to create a scrapbook without pages. Another quilt features palm trees reminiscent of her childhood in Miami Springs, FL. From doll quilts to full size quilts you will see quilts that will send you home for your own photos and scraps with new ideas on possibilities for how to combine your own collected textile treasures. Scrapbook quilts record our stories using fabric, lace, buttons and other embellishments. You’ll be inspired to pull together unused blocks or family blocks to combine with photographs and other treasures to make a scrapbook quilt.

Memories are a very personal experience of the world you live in—this is one way to hold on to the memories you cherish. Please contact me with any questions or concerns you might have about our class. Machine suggested. Supply list available with registration.

Obtaining a crisp, smooth binding is our goal as quilters because the binding is the final frame for the quilt. Machine stitching is stronger and takes half the time, giving you plenty of time to make a label to document your creative work! First we will cover how to effectively baste your three layers for quilting. Then we will practice creating smooth bindings and tight corners. We’ll discuss when to use bias bindings for best results. MACHINE REQUIRED

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