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We Sewed It: From Feedsacks to Silks and Brocades, 38″ x 46″

Browsing at JoAnn’s Fabrics last summer, I spotted an apron in the sale section. I didn’t want an apron, but I was drawn to this one! On that apron were printed dress patterns from my girlhood! I carry strong memories … Continue reading

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Early Air Hostesses Were Petite to Allow for More Cargo!

1930-1935 Boeing Air Transport hired the first Sky Girls in 1930 as an experiment. Not until five years later did Transcontinental & Western Air (then T&WA) graduate its first hostess class on December 6, 1935. The early air transport companies … Continue reading

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Creating an Image: “Sky Girl”

“Women had been eager participants in the early days of flying, when things were disorganized and open to all comers. But any hopes they had for gaining a foothold in commercial aviation were dashed when the Commerce Department, under pressure … Continue reading

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