Quilts Seeking New Owners! December 2nd at 10:00!

Quilting as a Grand Adventure” was my first blog post in 2013 when I began this blog. http://paulamariedaughter.com/?p=6 I am not abandoning this “grand adventure”. Please know I’m still excited about quilting! I want to share my ideas and my portfolio of quilts whenever and wherever possible! However, my collection of quilts must be trimmed.

Even this large TimeSpan quilt needs to find a new home. I found the vintage signature blocks and made the quilt decades later.

The sale will be from 10:00 a.m.-1:30 p.m. held at a local women’s center adjacent to Gulley Park in Fayetteville. Address is 2610 N. Old Wire Rd., Fayetteville, AR 72703. This rambling house is easy to find and has lots of parking. There is overflow parking at the Gulley Park lot south of the house. Cash and checks accepted. Layaway is possible. Door opens at 10:00 a.m.

Every quilt is composed of three layers: usually the top, then the batting or filler, and the backing. The quilting stitches holding the three layers in place make it a quilt! A quilt can be many things to many people, but a quilt is not blanket. Treated with care a quilt will last many decades.

Your quilt may be hung on the wall, or cover your bed, or drape around you for comfort. I’m grouping the quilts I’m selling by size. The price will reflect the amount of work involved in that particular one especially if it involves hand beading, hand applique or hand quilting. Contact me here with any questions.

Please know that the quilts shown here are only a small sample of what will be at the sale!

Amish-style quilt hand quilted by Valerie Doyle.

Antique quilt top, circa 1890s. A true “library of fabrics” in this huge quilt top from that era! I added a border and a backing and a sleeve for hanging for support.

Huge ‘Oak leaf & Reel’ in style of 1800s large Four Block quilts. Hand appliqued! Now with borders and backing. Not quilted. Needs to be finished by you or by me.

“Paris, Without Jet fuel!” Stating with a Paris-themed fabric, I offer a “slice of life” as imagine it on a Paris street–complete with bicycles.

This class sample from a class I did on pieced circles indicates my interest in circles is long-standing. Photo is suppose to be rotated 90 degrees to the left, but the program will not cooperate–I gave it three tries to fix it!

TimeSpan quilt built around a vintage flour sack, small wallhanging

This large wall hanging features cotton sateen fabrics in a “strippy” vertical setting with a bright border

Titled “Confetti”. This large wall hanging uses the “strippy” vertical setting highlighted by hot colors and a bold border

One fabric cut apart to repeat adjacent designs keeps the eye swirling along the path, large wall hanging or a throw

Large wall hanging with dupioni silk sections and bead work, Some parts are repurpose fabric.


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