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Redirection & Reflections….

“While the future remains unknown, we can still ground ourselves in the steady rhythm of Mother Earth. Hope is handed to us in small pleasures.” That positive quote is from the women who publish We’Moon calendars and books. Every woman … Continue reading

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We Sewed It: From Feedsacks to Silks and Brocades, 38″ x 46″

Browsing at JoAnn’s Fabrics last summer, I spotted an apron in the sale section. I didn’t want an apron, but I was drawn to this one! On that apron were printed dress patterns from my girlhood! I carry strong memories … Continue reading

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Glamour is Only the Beginning….

“Glamour: an attractive or exciting quality that makes certain people or things seem appealing, especially in a mysterious or magical way. Glamour can be an exciting and often illusory, romantic attractiveness.” Yes, there is a magical, attractive quality to an … Continue reading

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