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Early Air Hostesses Were Petite to Allow for More Cargo!

1930-1935 Boeing Air Transport hired the first Sky Girls in 1930 as an experiment. Not until five years later did Transcontinental & Western Air (then T&WA) graduate its first hostess class on December 6, 1935. The early air transport companies … Continue reading

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Lurking Creativity

“Art is born in attention. Its midwife is detail. Art may seem to involve broad strokes, grand schemes, great plans. But it is the attention to detail that stays with us; the singular image is what haunts us and becomes … Continue reading

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Are there “Magic Rules” in Quilting?

Jean Ray Laury offered this advice, “Avoid looking for magic rules to rely on–you can only learn by working, and your mistakes have as much to offer as your successes. There are no rules, no rights, no wrongs….” Quilter’s Newsletter … Continue reading

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January: The Trunk Was Full!

I’ve been a quilter for almost twenty-six years! Prior to that I was merely a wannabe quilter with a dream of having the time and energy to make quilts. I am a life-long fabric lover, as was my mother. Yes, … Continue reading

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Full House at Cuttin’ Up!

Sunshine on Saturday brought about thirty-six quilt enthusiasts to Cuttin’ Up to explore the contents of my “trunk” of quilts. I had packed almost forty medium-to-large quilts into three large roller-style suitcases. Twenty more smaller pieces were used to illustrate … Continue reading

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What’s Hiding in the Trunk?

A quilter’s trunk show can be full of surprises and unexpected connections. In “My Passion for Playing with Fabrics: Exploring the Options” I’ll display an array of my quilts and talk about the various boulevards, avenues and alleys that my … Continue reading

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Adventures at the New Quilt Shop: Cuttin’ Up

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Reflective Surfaces….

Last week I mentioned the use of “reflective surfaces” to add interest to a photograph–that seems a rather obvious action when using a camera. How do we add “reflective surfaces” to our quilts? There are multiple answers with complex variations! … Continue reading

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Artfully Arranged? Compositions?

“Compositions matter. Artfully arranged anything can become a thing of beauty.” Years ago I discovered this quote from the talented designer Barbara Barry in House Beautiful, January 2013. She put into words my own lifelong interest in everyday living. Our … Continue reading

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Speculations Abound

Every time I make a Time Span quilt I speculate about my co-creator. That is, my unknown co-creator. For a reason, unknown to me, she was not able to finish the blocks, the embroidery or the quilt top. How did … Continue reading

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