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Charismatic Taupe

“The viewer’s eye will customarily go to the area of your quilt with the greatest contrast.” from Irene Barry in QNM Dec/Jan 2009 All the new and interesting avenues for creating with fabric are what I love about quilting! Of … Continue reading

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Compositions matter!

“Compositions matter. Artfully arranged, anything can become a thing of beauty.” interior designer Barbara Barry We quilters are composers! We compose moods, messages and fantasies using our palette of fabrics. Jeanie Schneider’s quilt dances with good cheer! Bright and balmy … Continue reading

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Still Life, Still Alive at Seventy

” How you make others feel about themselves says a lot about you.” anonymous author, but quoted by Amanda Herring in the winter issue of Women Create Magazine Celebrations take many shapes and forms. I celebrated my 70th birthday with … Continue reading

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Wide Sashing with Lots of Energy!

In October of 2013 Dianne, one of my fellow bloggers on the Rebel quilt blog, posted this quilt which wowed me! I was amazed by the effect of the wide sashing with split elements. She created this as part of … Continue reading

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Quilters on a Joint Adventure

“Fabrics have a presence and a warmth totally different from paint or photography. As a result, many people respond to quits in a very personal way.” Ruth Mc Dowell, a Fabric Journey, 2005, p. 43 Picture two avid quilters shopping … Continue reading

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The Value of “value” for a Quilt.

“Color gets the credit and value does the work!” declared Pam Goggans talented quilted and pattern designer at our recent guild meeting. When I later talked to Pam about this idea, she said she originally read the words in a … Continue reading

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Is it a “Jadite” sewing machine?

Is it a green Featherweight? Is it a Jadite sewing machine? Is it an update of a basic Singer portable first made in 1911? Only the last statement is true! Yes, that last statement is a reality–Singer updated a machine … Continue reading

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Quilt Show Adventures & Challenges

“In its simplest form, a quilt is just some fabric and a little thread. It’s up to you to decide how to put it together.” YLI ad in QNM, March 2000 Whether a quilter chooses to work from a pattern … Continue reading

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Goal of a Quilt Show?

“A quilt show represents a chance to be recognized for our talent and our skill. It is also an opportunity to dream about and plan our next project.” from The Sister Blocks by Edi McGinnis, 2001 Since 1995 I’ve participated … Continue reading

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Inspiration Creates More Inspiration!

Here is the update I promised you of the vest-creation-adventure in December, 2015. Below you can see some of the other wild and crazy things women created for our guild event. Our grand winner was Natalie on the left. I … Continue reading

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